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my door’s wide open
my things are gone and, oh my god, this is a bad one
but hey, my place looks bigger now I could have people over
oy vey, who took my TV away, well, joke’s on them
I didn’t like what it had to say and it hurt my eyes
sometimes I’m glad it’s gone
oy vey, who took my fever away

I’m missing things you can’t even steal
how on earth does one lose sex appeal
and is there some guy just walking around with it
oy vey, who took my Hi-Fi away, but wait, did I even have one
is that something you lend and never get back
like books or records or a helping hand
oy vey, who took my hang ups away

at the risk of sounding deterministic
do you think that this is meant to teach me some sort of a lesson
oy vey, who took my girlfriend away
and was I talking to myself all this time
well, that’s a bit disconcerting
oy vey, who took my diction away

and since my stuff’s been gone
I’ve been sitting on the floor thinking of revenge
but no brain storm can make it so I don’t lose my theme song as well
oy vey, who took my money away
and what were they doing looking in my freezer
in retrospect, a bank might have been just a little bit safer
oy vey, who took my manners away


from The Noise (2014), released December 15, 2014




The Noise Sibiu, Romania

The Noise was formed back in 2011 in an Eastern European tourist trap. The four-piece band is positioned comfortably under the fairly vague indie-rock label, while privately sorting out influences as diverse as Sahrawi guitar music and disco. Lyrically, you’ll notice themes inspired by geography, 90s sitcoms and, well, human stuff.

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